– First in the bicycle industry since the 2000s
Myvelo, which has its own factory in Suncheon, Jeollanam-do and produces “Made in Korea” electric bicycles and smart mobility, won the 5 Million Dollar Export Tower.Myvelo won the 5 Million Dollar Export Tower for the first time in the industry at a trade day commemoration ceremony held at COEX in Samseong-dong, Seoul, hosted by the Korea International Trade Association on the 57th Trade Day. Firmly established the pioneer position of In particular, CEO Ki-ho Choi of Myvelo raised the status of the industry by receiving an award as a representative among the 5 million dollar Export Tower winners.Myvelo’s award for this export tower has a special significance industrially, as it has proven that domestic electric bicycles and smart mobility have sufficient global competitiveness. Korea already possesses the world’s best technology in the battery and IT field, and it is expected to lead the global market in electric bicycles and smart mobility if actively utilized.Myvelo is the only domestic electric bicycle company in Korea that has an annual production line of 100,000 electric bicycles and has a direct production certificate. With the technology and public confidence of “Made in Korea,” 3,000 electric bicycles are exported to Europe every month. Myvelo plans to develop into a smart mobility core technology-based company by increasing the localization rate by directly producing lithium battery packs, motors, controllers, and chargers for key parts of electric bicycles from 2021.

In addition to electric bicycles, Myvelo is also producing smart mobility, electric wheelchairs and electric boats, as well as OEMs of domestic and foreign famous brands.

Myvelo is fully operating its production line as the popularity and value of electric bicycles increase in the aftermath of social distancing after the Corona 19 crisis, and it is also making great results in the delivery of public electric bicycles to local governments in Korea. In the meantime, it has produced and delivered public electric bicycles for public electric bicycles in Sinan-gun and Yeonggwang-gun and Jeonju, as well as electric bicycles of Nine to One, a shared electric bicycle company. .

Trade Day began with the designation of November 30th of that year as the “Export Day,” in commemoration of achieving $100 million in exports in 1964, and it was renamed “Trade Day” in the 1990s. In 2011, December 5th, which was the ninth in the world to exceed 1 trillion dollars in trade volume, was designated again as the day of trade, and it is reaching today.

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