In the factory
of Myvelo in Korea
  • 2019. 07  Exports electric bicycle for Europe and North America
  • 2019. 04   Supply Socar elecle (Korea)
  • 2019. 03   Supply public electric bicycle to Sinan-gun / Busan Smart City (public offices)
  • 2018. 12   Completed to build production line of electric bicycle and electric wheelchair with 30,000 units per year
Electric bicycle for domestic demand

The company has participated in the development phase of various electric bicycles for domestic demand such as public electric bicycle of public offices and shared electric bicycle of Socar.

Export model to Europe

Made in Korea electric bicycle made in
Myvelo factory is being exported abroad.
Details on shared bicycle parts

Smart mobility

Electric bicycle suggested by Myvelo
Part Specification Remark (manufacturer) Certification document
Electric bicycle Rear wheel hub motor 36V 350watt Max. speed 25km/h – Korea Possess EMC certificate
Lithium-ion battery 36V 14A (Equipped with waterproof downtube) Samsung SDI cell / Korea< Acquired KC certificate
Drive system External gear Grip type 7 speed SHIMANO
Crank, chain, BB Alloy material KMC
Wheel set 24 in. Magnesium integral wheel type
Tire PU material No puncture tire anti-slip
Fram U type Alloy 6061 material Easy to use for men and women of all ages
Fork/td> Rigid type
Saddle Attached saddle handle
Seatpost Alloy material 30.9 Height adjustment of saddle for users
Gearbox Brake lever / Shift lever SHMANO
Controller / sensor Torque senso 2UART protocol Possess certificate
Back and forth brake Hub brake method Test 100,000 times
Others Back and forth waterspout Able to drive in case of rain
Feet stand Rigid support Prevent overturning in steep road
Smart lock 4G LTE-M(GPS/Bluetooth) Rear hub brake function and battery
lock function
Possess EMC certificate
Charger 42V-2A Manufacture in Korea Possess EMC certificate
Weight 23KG Certified as autonomous safety
NO Contents Advantages
1 Ergonomic custom design frame Superior drive, comfortable ride
2 Open / locking battery using smart lock Simple design, anti-theft
3 Use mobile app, mobile phone holder Stability and convenience, control various information, anti-theft
4 Adjust seatpost Customized saddle for everyone
5 IP67 level waterproof design All electrical components
6 Magnesium alloy wheel Lightweight, excellent specific strength and durability
7 Bolt for anti-theft Anti-theft function
8 Torque sensor system Easy driving in the hill, save electricity in flat road
9 Option specification 50 power-saving core design (battery case), 522Wh high-capacity battery, 80~100 kilometers in a row
10 Use validated parts High reliability and low A/S ratio
11 Dedicated design Designed to be invisible to battery and lock system
12 Wire built-in type Prevent disconnection and damages
13 Tire only for shared bicycle Excellent wear resistance, long life time and comfortable ride
Type Components Category Functions
e Bike
4G – CAT4, or CATM1
Audio Speaker
Bluetooth 4.2
SIM- Twilio or Local
Reporting GPS Position
Real-time Speed
Battery Power, Temp, Charge Status
Component Failure Status
Power/Physical Lock Status
Alarm Status
Vehicle Angle
Speed limit Status
Firmware Version
Hardware ID
Cellular Signal Intensity
Alarm/Alert Moving/Fall-over Alarm, Alert
Low Battery Level, Alert
Geo-fencing, Out of Operating Range
Alarm/Alert Lock/Unlock Power
Lock/Unlock Physical Locks
Speed limit x3(Set and Enforce)
Find Vehicle Alarm/Light
Vehicle Reservation
Light Control
Activate/Deactivate Speaker Alarm
Custom voice message
NFC Reader(For unlock & Lock)
System Lockdown
OTA Firmware Update
Important matters of proposed electric bicycle



Safety related functions

U-shaped frame for safe getting on and off. Front lights are always on when using bicycle. Developed seatpost only for shared bicycles. Easy and convenient to adjust according to the user’s height. KC EMC / EMI test certificate.



Battery usage time,
travel distance

Based on riding of 75Kg adult on flat road. 36V 14Ah PAS when supporting power. 36V * 14A = 504Wh (6Wh when moving 1Km). 504Wh / 6Wh = 84Km driving is available.



Battery charging

36 V 2A charger. 7 hours to fully charge the high-capacity battery. Large charging rack capable for charging 100 units at the same time.

Competitiveness of Myvelo

Myvelo has secured the optimal infrastructure for E-BIKE manufacturing.
We are always making our effort to make the best by combining manufacturing know-hows based on skilled technology.
Since we made products in Korea, we can quickly respond to any situation.
You can trust our post-management.